Relax your grip

  • March 2014
  • Yoga Reflections
  • By Kristen Mansch

Whatever you are working toward or hoping for . . . relax your grip. When one tries too hard or holds too tightly, we end up pushing the things we want further away. Imagine a tightly closed hand. It is full of resistance and repels with its clenched nature. Though a soft open hand is able to receive.

When one tries too much there is no yoga, or union. Connect to your breathing, and create space and openness to receive.

It is the same in yoga asana practice. When one tries too much there is no yoga, or union. When I was first learning adho mukha vrksasana, handstand, there was a strong pull to grip too much. I realize now, years later, how much of it was in the mind. I believed it was hard, so it was. It was through ease I discovered the fullness of the posture.

When the mind is calm, the asana is perfect.
-sri k. pattabhi jois

Once I relaxed into my breathing, building on a stable foundation of course, the pose lit up for me. When the breath is easy and relaxed, mind-body follows. Practice with full awareness, but be light in attitude. The more ease you allow within, the more you'll enjoy life.